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If you came to this site, you clearly have the desire to take control of your professional life.  There is nothing more exciting than contemplating going on your own!  

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These 10 tips will be indispensable before considering your transition from a traditional recruiting agency to going it alone!  Whether you opt to partner with a firm Like ARG (www.Independentrecruiting.com) or do it completely on your own, these tips will prove invaluable!

Why would you pay 50-70% of your hard earned perm/direct hire billings to an agency in exchange for tools that you can get on your own for a fraction of the cost?  If you place Temps/Contractors than you are likely giving away EVEN MORE!

Most agencies don’t even offer their recruiters the adequate tools, training, support and branding required to be successful, yet recruiters continue to overpay agencies with their hard earned commissions.

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